While I’ve been getting used to the mugginess and heat (and time-change) here in Tokyo, the internet has offered up a ton of great DIY and projects over the last 2 weeks.

BurdaStyle goes behind the scenes into the making of a couture jacket and I am riveted!!  Though this project is probably beyond my abilities, it’s still amazing to see the process explained in such detail.  I’d love to locate a copy of that Threads Magazine where this article first appeared!

Another DIY pair of galaxy-painted shoes! This time, canvas slip-ons for a more casual look.  Is this a mini-trend in the making?? (source: Goth Reform School)

First Craft Magazine, now ReadyMade Magazine folds.  Are DIY’ers not a market that spends money on books, magazines, and resources?  Are advertisers finding their products aren’t being purchased by readers and there’s not enough ROI to keep buying advertising space?  Who’s at fault here?  Discussion is needed!!

Learn how to tie your tee into a skirt courtesy of this video from Love Aesthetics.  Simple, modern, and chic.

Wholeport is running a Creativity Expo – a crafting contest where you receive your materials free of charge and create a craft, upload a photo of it to Wholeport’s Facebook page, where you are entered to win a $50 gift certificate to their online shop!  Hurry to get your request for supplies in before July 9th!

Make some bolt rings via A Pair and a Spare – only a trip to the hardware store is needed.

Angela Osborn provides instructions for turning into a long-sleeved blouse into a vintage-inspired frilly top.  I love the little bow made of piping at the neck – it’s such a cute addition!

DIY Yarn Bombing hits the streets of NY.  What on earth is yarn-bombing??  Find out here! (source: Times Union)

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