Another week, another round up of craftiness.  Thanks so much for sending me all your wonderful projects!


Dye your hair into beautiful pastels on the cheap with the help of washable Crayola markers.  Pull Teeth has the video tutorial.

Make a large Girly tote bag inspired by Vanessa Bruno and LL Bean on Made by Genevieve.  It looks so perfectly done and rivals those you could buy in a store!  (And check out all her other DIY tutorials on her site too – they’re fab!)

Desde Tenefire Con Amor made an awesome DIY Prada Banana skirt  just using fabric paint on white cotton.  The great thing about those Prada bananas is that they have this hand-painted quality, so the more sketchy-looking, the more authentic!

Add some DIY to your office space with the help of Design*Sponge.  I love all the great patterns from fabrics and paper that can be incorporated into your office area – how fun!

Erin Siegel Jewelry posted a how-to for a Simple Link Bracelet.  Imagine making a bunch of these with your favorite charms and stacking them with other bangles and cord bracelets?  Lovely and summery!

Autodesk, one of the world’s leaders in design, engineering, and entertainment software (3dsmax, CAD) just acquired the largest DIY community on the web: (for around  $2 million). source   I truly hope they improve the uploading editor (because it takes so goshdarn long to upload a project that I rarely do it), and that Autodesk doesn’t exclude how-tos and projects that may come close to some of their licensed products and software – as well as respect intellectual property ownership (which according to some of the comments, they have not had the best track record in).  It remains to be seen!

Make a Custom Pair of Tap Pants with Haley Pierson-Cox on CraftZine.  Boy, the fabric she used for her shorts looks so familiar!!  I guess that polka-dot satin just lends itself so easily to a pair of frilly, lovely shorts.  A must-do before the summer’s done!

…love, Maegan made a stunningly amaaaahzing pair of DIY embellished jeweled pumps, inspired by Dolce + Gabbana.  The final result is completely droolworthy!!

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