Hello again, everyone!

I’m sorry for the long silence – I just haven’t been able to post anything while my blog was in-between platforms.  I think, however, that the migration to WordPress is finally complete!

These past couple days without posting have felt very strange, to say the least.  They’ve helped me reflect on a few things and really think about what to cover and share here on Chic Steals.

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So, first things first, I’ve decided I’m not going to continue doing my DIY Roundups.  Low participation was what prompted me to start considering it, but really the deciding factor was that the link party service, InLinkz, is only allowing photo thumbnails with their paid service.  I paid for one month and then decided it maybe wasn’t worth it.  So I will continue posting DIY Links of the Week (DIY-related things, inspiring projects, ideas, and high-fashion meets crafty stuff that I’ve noticed while browsing on the internet), but I still want a way for all of you to be able to show off your own DIY projects and creations!

So…if you have a DIY project, tutorial, or creation that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll feature it in one of my Links of the Week posts!

So without further ado, fun DIY-related things I’ve found this week:

Nice and Shiny made this cool braided-embellishment epaulet tunic.  It looks amaaaazing and I love the braided detail!

Have you seen A Pair and a Spare‘s tutorial for making your own sheer maxi skirt?  It seems so easy and she looks fabulous in it.  It’s inspired me to make my own version!  And that bustier she’s wearing!  Yowza.

Burdastyle and Etsy are sponsoring a DIY Fashion Show in Austin, TX on March 13, 2011!  I would love to go but alas, I don’t think it’s in the cards..but if you’re a DIYer, blogger, or craftsperson this is a must-see event!

Fabric scraps from the Lanvin for H&M collection are still littering a number of H&M stores. So instead of discarding or destroying them (as H&M was accused of doing to their unsold clothing back in January 2010 ), they decided to re-use them…in a collection aptly called Waste (ironic at all?), soon to be available at select H&M’s worldwide.

Nubby Twiglet’s “Dangerous” DIY studded sneakers are to die for!  Made by her friend Joey, they’re delicious…and spiky.

I found Katjusha’s Sketchbook on Les Mads (German site) and love all of her DIY’s so much!  Of special note: her Handpainted Deer Dress and Embellished Collar Necklace (with scrapbooking stickers).

Anthropologie items I find quaint, sweet, with a bit of a homemade-feel, and many are just begging to be DIY’d.  Check out TipJunkie‘s list of 10 Anthropologie-Inspired DIYs to get those creative juices flowing!

DIY Lightbox over at CrazySexyFrugal!  If you ever have to photograph products, crafts, or small items that needs beautiful lighting…this is a MUST.  And sooo cheap too!

Urban Outfitters has also dove headfirst into offering customers customized goods: their Custom Shoppe – where you can  choose from UO-exclusive graphics to add to their tees or upload your own!   They’ve also teamed up with Republic Bike to offer the UO Bike Shop – where shoppers can customize their own bicycles.

Recent favorite affordable and cute shopping destinations:

StyleSofia.com  Sense of Fashion Marketplace  NASTY GAL


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