Condensing the last 3 weeks into one, since for various reasons I haven’t been able to post my usual DIY Links of the Week.  My final project due for class, my husband’s country hit with three disasters one after the other, undertaking a sock drive and letter-writing effort…it’s taken some time to gather myself after these events and turn my eye back to DIY.  Since I’ve grouped the last couple weeks of DIY’s and other things, there’s a few more than I normally include.  Ready…?


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And isn’t that what DIY is all about??! Doing it as best you can, on a shoestring budget, certainly fosters creativity!

So onto the Links of the Past 3 Weeks…

When you hear of acrylic vase filler and balloon weights…what DIY project springs to mind?  A necklace? Well, if you were Modanista Junkie, they would – and she DIY’d a lovely sparkly ribbon necklace out of those amazingly counter-intuitive materials.  Gorgeous!

Customizeable Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes…just cut away the parts you don’t want!  Strangely reminiscent of those grippy pads I use in my kitchen sink…What’s the verdict: chic or sheesh?!

Sick of all those ugly, bulky black nylon camera bags? Learn how to turn a regular purse into a camera bag courtesy of Tater Tots and Jello…and never go back to the ugly.

PINNACLE: Reinvent the Icon was a pamphlet handed out during New York Fashion Week, showcasing a beautifully-shot editorial with a number of fur-free contemporary designs from labels such as Vaute Couture, Olsenhaus, VPL Victoria Bartlett, and Cri de Couer.  Though a little graphic, it definitely makes the point that fur-free can be just as fabulous – and high-fashion! – as the stuff in Vogue.  (And Anna Wintour tied up gave me a little chuckle;-)

Domo-kun Sandwich Cookies from Diamonds for Dessert are totally delish-looking!  (Though I have to admit I’ve had a little crush on Domo-kun since like…1998 or so, so I’m a little biased…;-)


DIY Woven Chain Bracelet from Jagged Paper Doll uses beautifully-colored embroidery thread to add pizazz to a chain bracelet.  Perfect for Spring!

In the same spirit of weaving, …love, Maegan shared her Leather Lanyard woven bracelet tutorial.  It looks great stacked with other silver bangles and chains!

I had some leftover galaxy-print fabric from a little I had custom-printed awhile back…just a little, mind you…so I went old-school and made a scrunchy with it!  Here’s how, from

These Embroidery Thread Tassel Earrings from Studs and Pearls are just the colorful 70’s vibe I’m hankering after at the moment.  Check out all the colors she made!

I love how UtBwB turned a men’s shirt into this vintage-style ladies’ blouse!  She took something for HIM and made it PRIM…and perfect!

Speaking of men’s shirts transformations (okay, let’s acknowledge my obsession now;-), here’s a doozy: a cute little DIY check skirt made by here’s looking at me kid.  Western-style and adorable, you have to check it out! (yuk, yuk yuk;-)

Bye Bye Soccer Mom made this cool crackle-finish Maltese Cross Cuff, using the same cross base from Jo-Ann Fabrics that I used in my double cage cuff DIY awhile back!  The crackle-finish turns it into a completely different piece…and it looks fabulous in this reincarnation!

Who isn’t drooling over the bright zip clutches spotted all over style-sharing networks recently?  DIY your own zip clutch, with the help of Style Scrapbook.  (She made hers in a lovely yellow leather.)

Recent favorite affordable and cute shopping destinations:

Le mode Accessories DIY Links of the Week 2.27.11 Lulu’s DIY Links of the Week 2.27.11

And since I’m not doing my DIY Roundups anymore, if you have a DIY project, tutorial, or creation that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts!



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