wintergardenbybethmitchell2photo by Beth Mitchell

Welcome to my 2nd installment of F.I.L.L.! Last week should have been my second, but alas, the day got away from me with a dr.’s appointment that ran over-time, an ill-timed meltdown from the Lil one, and other obligations that took over my day, so I never got around to posting it. It was beautiful in Portland here last week (like Summer!), though this week has defaulted back to chilly, drizzly May days. I’ve been inspired by all the Springtime greenery about – the garden Lil Tot and I planted is beginning to sprout, I’m working on a number of DIYs I can’t wait to share with all of you soon, and I have a couple collaborations in the works that I’ll be rolling out in the next couple weeks! Exciting things are on the horizon…

So here are some links that have caught my eye this past week:

Dream It: Inspiration & Creativity

Wintergarden is a beautiful photoshoot done underwater with the talents of photographer Beth Mitchell and designer Begitta. Check it out!

Happiness graffiti and 8 ways to brighten your day from Oprah will have you smiling in an instant, no joke.

Feeling like you’ve lost that mojo? Check out 5 Ways to Stay Creative and be re-inspired!

Buy It: Shopping Picks

Is the new curated alternative to Etsy? Their aesthetic is beautiful, and I’m loving every piece of jewelry made by this artist. Anything triangular is in my wheelhouse! (though that sounds like a contradiction in terms…)

I’m coveting these to add to my pants collection. The perfect blend of print and greenery – beachy and chic!

On first glance I thought this was a golden thong! Not quite as racy…or painful, guaranteed.;-)

On a totally different note, these shoes may just be the next generation of hologram. Dark and lovely indeed.

Make It: DIY

Prom is in the air, and these DIY Prom Ideas from Threadbanger should help you with putting those final touches on the perfect outfit.

DIY duo Limberlina are really cool. Check out their blog for some must-do projects!

This is an adorable McQueen Feather Peplum Tutorial from Youtube user Lookunderhere (skip to the 3:26 mark for the tute). I love it…even more with cruelty-free ostrich and turkey feathers from Etsy and Ebay.

Live It: Lifestyle

I’m obsessing over coconut oil lately, and this DIY Hair Conditioning Spray with Coconut Oil looks super-easy and so good for your hair.

I’d love to install a Mini-PC Floating Desk in my redone office. (Even though I’m on a Mac.) Super-chic.

This is so helpful: 4 Easy Ways to Tell if Clothing is Made Well from 24Savvy.

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