would you show a picture of your children & hubby someday? 🙂

Maybe… I'm not sure on that one. Hub does not want his photo out there on the internet; he's an exceedingly private person. (He doesn't even like me letting on the fact that he's taking the photos some of the time for my blog. But hello, it's obvious I'm not taking them with some wacky tripod angled just so to get DIY closeups!! yeesh.) And I feel a little uncomfortable sharing my son's photo on the web (though he is in a couple of photos on my blog, face not visible). The internet can be a really scary place, and there are a lot of not-so-great people out there. As you can see, I'm very hesitant to shine the spotlight on those who aren't wanting to have it on them. Me, on the other hand – I'm a fame-'ho, so bring it ON!
Thanks for your question!

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