Feathered things are experiencing a revival lately – and I’ve been hankering after a maribou feather clutch for awhile.  But I’m not going to buy when I can DIY for much cheaper!  It’s sooooo easy too…

DIY Marabou Feather Clutch
Difficulty: (Easy/Beginner)

You Need:

*old clutch-style purse

*tacky glue
*marabou boa

1. Lay your clutch flat and visually estimate how far apart the pieces of your boa need to be to get the kind of coverage you want.

2. Spread the tacky glue in vertical lines down the front of your clutch, and across the top below the clasp.

3. Starting from one side, lay one end of the boa onto the glue at the bottom of the clutch.

4. Fold the boa piece over at the top of the clutch, and then loop it down towards the bottom.  Snip at the bottom of the clutch.

5. Repeat for all the lines of glue until the front of your clutch is completely covered.  Allow to dry and then trim the ends so they’re all one length.

Pretty easy, right?  To cover both the front AND the back using this method, you’ll probably need two boas.  And you could use any type of feathers that suit your fancy…they don’t have to be marabou, and they don’t have to be in boa-form, either.

Did You Know?  
“Marabou” is a term for fluffy feathers – and most “marabou” feathers available for crafting, fishing lures, garment trims, or millinery supply are actually turkey or chicken feathers, not feathers from the Marabou Stork (which are extremely expensive).  Feather supply companies may obtain their feathers from birds that are killed by the meat industry, or the down may be plucked from the bird as the seasons transition and it has no need of it anymore (termed “live-plucking”).  Feathers also may be collected as they naturally molt (like peacock feathers), or from birds’ nests (like eider down).

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