Hello there, creative DIY’ers!  I’ve been busy with my new internship, Lil Tot’s school ending and Summer Camp beginning, and some much-needed house-cleaning (uhhh my office is a royal M-E-S-S!!!)  So here I am doing 2 weeks into 1 again, of DIY and great ideas across the Internet.
Feeling a little like a throwback to the 80’s this Summer?  Try out the tutorial on Jen Ell’s Revenge for a DIY Fringe Beaded Tank that will get you feeling all nostalgic again.;-)
Have some pretty fabric laying around? Make a printed fabric Party Clutch with a DIY tutorial from Harts Fabric Blog and make it just your own!  (And incidentally, they have some great fabrics on their site to choose from…I think the Cucumber Slices fabric would be perfect for something fresh and summery (literally, right?) and the Black Safety Pin print would be great for something more edgy.)
Make something Celtic and nautical-inspired with Clones n ClownsCeltic Knot Necklace.  I lvoe how it’s almost – but not quite – a perfect heart.
StyleMint has just launched a ‘To Dye For” contest: through June 30th upload a photo of your tie-dyed DIY creation to the StyleMint Facebook Fan Page, and be eligible to win 6 months of StyleMint for free!  (2 winners; 1 selected by StyleMint founders Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; the other selected through community votes)
Make a cute 3-in-1 Tankini Swimsuit from Cotton and Curls (totally covetable even if you’re not in need of a maternity version right now – though it might be an idea to put a pin for if you’re ever in need!)
DIY guru A Pair and a Spare did a tutorial for some elegant DIY Feather Heels.
Chic as always, Chictopians Lipglossandblack made some DIY Scarf Shorts that would look excellent at any Summer soiree.  Plus the perfect re-use for a printed silk scarf!!
So simple and elegant, this DIY Twisted Ball Chain Necklace from Dismount Creative is made from supplies from the hardware store.  Did you know they sold ball chain?  Now I know who I’m going to hit up this weekend!

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If you have a DIY how-to or tutorial that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts! (Tutorials/how-to’s with steps and photos included please! So everyone can share in the DIY goodness:-)



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