Another week gone by!  Whew.  I’m making progress on my office re-organization and cleanup, but it’s still taking awhile.  Lil Tot is finally back at school, so now I have a long chunk of the day uninterrupted where I can (hopefully) get some more things done.  Ummm….personal website???!!!  Yeah.  That.  And some DIY’s here and there if I can manage it.  Here are a couple things I noticed around the blogosphere this week…

Essential reading for all of us who get easily buried under the to-do pile.  (*ahem)  Tips for finishing all our DIY projects from Simple Mom is a must-read!

For those of you who want more Anthropologie DIY’s, Made by Lex‘s Pratia Tanktop is for you!  Just lovely.

And in the same flowery vein, Desde Tenerife Con Amor was inspired by the lovely flowered Gucci dresses from Spring 2011, and made this pretty flowered top.  (Just run the page through Google Translate if you can’t read it.)  Canvas and flowers are all you need!

Feeling crafty?  Tip Junkie has a great roundup of 12 Necklaces, Accessories, and Tops Tutorials.  Just some more to add to your must-do list.;-)

Make a fringed purse courtesy of Melissa Esplin and N.E.E.T. Magazine – pattern included!  It’s super-cute and you can even make it mini-sized to use as an accessories holder/keychain to attach to your handbag like the author did here.

It seems like glittery shoes are the way to go this Fall.  Honestly, WTF made a Miu Miu-inspired pair out of some Vans.  Bling on, everyone!  (And seriously, Google “DIY Miu Miu glitter” and you’ll come across a billion tutorials for this already.  Promise this will be the last one I feature!;-)

Kojo Designs is doing a sew-along for a pretty Strapless Dress.  Sew-alongs are soooo (sew?) fun!  Jump in at the beginning here.

I love reading the BurdaStyle blog because I often come across a post about advanced construction techniques, and learn a whole lot in the process.  Heard of a waist stay?  No?  Find out more in Invisible Secrets of a Couture Garment: The Waist Stay.

If your project was featured above, feel free to grab a button and share the DIY!

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If you have a DIY how-to or tutorial that you’d like to see featured on Chic Steals, please email me at carlyjcais at chic-steals dot com – and I’ll try to squeeze it in to one of my Links of the Week posts! (Tutorials/how-to’s with steps and photos included please! So everyone can share in the DIY goodness:-)



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