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Welcome to another installment of F.I.L.L.! This week’s been hot and muggy here in Tokyo, punctuated by a couple window-shopping expeditions, a high-end sushi lunch, and Pool Day at Lil Tot’s elementary. Here are some links online that have caught my eye this past week:

Dream It: Inspiration & Creativity

Neuroknitting creates scarves based on your brainwaves. Interesting – and a beautiful personalized expression. (Ecouterre)

The From the Lenz artist duo photographed a series of glow sticks being dropped into waterfalls in their Neon Luminance series. Mesmerizing and brilliant. (Demilked)

The apartment from the TV series “Friends,” re-created in tiny, loving detail (and it only took 2 years to make!) What do you think of it? (

Buy It: Shopping Picks

ASOS is currently having a HUGE up to 50% off Sale – and I just snapped up this adorable dotted raincoaticon. Perfect for Portland 10 months out of the year!!

Speaking of rain, I keep seeing these clear ombre-tinted rain boots everywhere in Tokyo, and am thinking of getting a pair too. Luckily if you don’t live here you can also get them here!

This coral red slouchy handbag seems like it would go with everything in my closet this season. I love how bright it is!!

Make It: DIY

Like origami? And anatomy? How about an anatomically-correct origami human torso? Try out this DIY Paper Torso with downloadable templates. Not for the squeamish, but a great learning tool. (ThisIsColossal)

Fellow Portlander Rachel from Transient Expression posted a 3-step tutorial for a DIY Waxed Canvas Tote Bag. Follow the whole tutorial to first sew the bag, then wax the canvas, and finally add the straps for a fun multi-part DIY project this Summer. (Transient Expression)

DesignThrift made these pretty Tasseled Hoop Earrings – I just love all the variations on the design that she posted! So perfect with a maxidress or cutoffs this season. (DesignThrift)

Live It: Lifestyle

7 Surprising Productivity Hacks will have you leaving work by noon. Sometimes I wish I actually started my workday at 9 AM so I could put these to the test. ( Blog)

If you’re concerned that major find on Ebay is a knockoff, here are 20 Foolproof Ways to Spot an Authentic Hermes Birkin. The subtle differences between hand-made and mass-manufactured are easier to spot with this list. (DesignerVault)

Brit + Co. has just raised $6.3 million to build the DIY-themed company further, expanding on video and online content. Have you checked them out yet? (Gigaom)

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