Pink polyester and lace dress: handmade (but not by me).  Pocket Watch Necklace: DIY.  Velvet Ribbon Belt: DIY.  Beaded Bracelet: handmade by me.  Sparkly tights: unknown.  Suedette Bow Booties: Paprika.

Day 24 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 24.

I found this amazing dress at the Goodwill Outlet back in May – since I bought 42 lbs. of clothing I was charged 89 cents a pound at the time…and since this dress weighs less than a pound it probably was about 60 cents!  I was taken with the fact that it’s obviously home-made, and yet the workmanship is impeccable – the perfect pintucks at the front, the pearl buttons and tiny button-loops, the lace inset at the back and collar.  Who was the woman who labored on this beautiful piece, putting so many hours into it?  It seemed such a shame to leave it at the Bins, so I brought it home, and altered the hem to an asymmetrical shape (it was kind of a midi-length, which I didn’t care for).  I have very few asymmetrical pieces in my closet, and I thought that it would offset the very vintagey and demure feel to the top.   I think it just needs a pressing and it will be perfect!

I tied a velvet ribbon around my waist since the dress is gathered there but it was sans belt when I found it.

I also bought a lot of vintage watches on Etsy awhile back, and in the lot was a single pocket watch.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it for awhile, but finally I got the idea to string it on a chain and wear it as a necklace.  I love its ladylike feel!

(And if you’re looking for pocket watch pendants…there are a number of stores and e-tailers that sell them ready-made – like Shop Ruche, Urban Outfitters,, or Modcloth, …or you can find vintage pocket watches on both Ebay and Etsy all the time and make your necklace exactly how you want it!:-)

The bracelet I made back in 2004 or so when I saw a similar Colette Harmon piece in Modern Bride magazine.  The amazing colors and subtle patterns in all the beads and charms are incredible!  I’ve never worn it (except for this picture) – and I’m thinking of selling it.

I just love my hair right after it comes out of hot rollers…so fun!


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