Mongolian Fur Vest:  LB-03 (Shibuya-109, Tokyo); Plaid Shirt: DIY’ed Mossimo (Target).  White Scribble Tee: DIY.  Zip-leg Skinny Jeans: Alloy.  Suedette Slouch Boots:

A low-key day.  I wanted to give my face a break from the daily makeup routine, so I went without makeup, and left my hair undone.  But I still pulled items from the back of my wardrobe out to wear!

The scribble tee I did a DIY of here.  Just one of Hub’s old undershirts with fabric paint “scribbled” all over it to hide the pilling and thinning of the fabric.

The plaid top I actually altered from a shirt I found in the men’s section at Target.  If you’re willing to alter shirts to a more fitted, feminine shape – then the men’s section is a great place to shop!  (It’s usually cheaper than the women’s for say, plaid shirts – since there are usually fewer design details and the pattern for the pieces is simpler.  And female consumers will pay a little more for their clothes without questioning it, where men usually buy for value.)  For this shirt, since I just wanted to make it fitted, I sewed a line just inside the side seams.

The jeans I added ankle-zips to since I also like wearing them unzipped over ankle boots – and the skinny jean thus becomes a flare-leg.  So easy and versatile to do this DIY!  Threadbanger has the how-to vid.

The MarioKart cake is half-finished but I’ve now run out of frosting, so I have to complete it tomorrow morning once the stores open.  Little bit low on sleep – will be signing off now…

See y’all tomorrow – hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend!;-)


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