Batwing Sleeve Shirt:

Long Side-Tail top: Spiral Girl

Quartz point “Fang” Necklace: handmade by me

Rings: DIY Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring (tutorial here), Rock Crystal Heart Ring from a rock & gem show, Forever 21 Regal Knuckle Ring

Marbled Perspex Molded Hard Case Bag: ASOS Premium

Dark-Rinse Jeggings: Forever 21

Ann Demeulemeester-style Lace-up Boots: DIY of Forever 21 booties (tutorial here)

Feeling like crudI thought that my re-root canal on Monday would make the swelling in my jaw go down; instead, it got much worse.  I can barely open my mouth to eat or talk.  Been on a liquid/mushy diet for a couple days, though managed some potato chips last night by sucking on them slowly.  (Dill pickle flavor!  New! from Lays.  Weirdly addictive.)  I’ve had to turn my head on the side to actually chew, so I look a little bit insane every time I take a bite of something.

So puffy.  Hating life.

Also trying out just shooting my photos with a self-timer.  Less stressful.Isn’t this bag wildly weird?  It looks like it’s made out of a bowling ball and should be some prop from Star Trek.  Or something.

Nails are Sally Hansen Disco Ball layered over Sally Hansen Midnight in NYC.  Kind of a glittery starry night effect, though it’s a little hard to see.

Felt like pairing up my rock crystal accessories with my DIY Arrowhead ring.

I love how the sun catches the translucence of the rock crystal.

Man…hopefully my appointment with the oral surgeon on Monday will help get this stupid infection to die down!  Can’t live on mashed potatoes and dill pickle potato chips forever..

Hope everyone had a great week!




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