Myself and 9 other DIY bloggers were selected to compete in Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge.

We were all sent the same box packed to the gills with trims, studs, and flowers, and were asked to make “one or more projects.”  I made 12!
The leftovers.

I used almost the entire contents of the box, hoping to create as many different projects as possible that could appeal to a wide range of ages and styles, as well as making the projects as simple as possible (so anyone could replicate them) and using as few outside materials as possible, in order to truly showcase New York Design Shop’s products.  But I wanted my finished creations to be durable, wearable, and look polished – and be pieces that could potentially stand up to scrutiny in any retail store.

So here’s another of my projects:

Feathered Cape

You Need: 

*White Feather Fringe
*Baby Single Face Satin Ribbon in Cream

Additional Tools/Materials:

*fabric glue
*hot-glue gun


1. Cut Ribbon in half.

2. Squeeze a small amount of hot glue into the ribbon opening on the top of the Feather Fringe, and stuff the end of one piece of the ribbon inside.  Do the same for the other piece.

2. Cut a small piece about 1″ long from either end of the ribbon, and heat-seal raw edges with the lighter.

3. Use fabric glue to glue the small pieces of ribbon around the raw edges of the Feather Trim top.

4. Cut the ends of the long ribbon pieces on an angle and use an open flame to seal them.

You’re done!

Feeling angelic and light as air all swathed in feathers…

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