Any suggestion to DIYing something like Sergio Rossi’s Powder suede and nappa silk fishnet booties with crystals?
Gosh – that’s a reeeally hard proposition. Because of its construction, I’d say that if you want an exact dupe, you will have to make the uppers from scratch, since they’re made from tiny strips of suede sewn in a scallop basket-weave pattern underneath one another. You could also use a similar-patterned piece of lace or crochet if you can find it at the sewing store or a flea market. You’d have to remove the uppers from a pair of shoes that have a similar sole and heel, and pry open the area between the sole and the insole, stuff the edges of your handmade or crochet upper between that gap, and glue back together using shoe glue. (Ugh.) I couldn’t vouch for how well the uppers will stay on the shoe, nor the amount of damage you’d do to your base shoes without professional shoe-making tools. If you’re willing to compromise a bit, the only thing I can think of would be to buy a similar back-zip pink suede or fabric bootie, draw the pattern on the outside, and cut out each and every tiny little hole. (You could also use a leather punch if you can find one in a fan-shape to cut out the negative space – I’ve never seen one, but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. Or you could have the shape custom-made for you by a manufacturer, for a fairly high price.) Or you could color in the negative space in black to create a contrast. The crystals are the easy part – either attach with crystal glue or use a heat-set tool (depending on the crystal type) to apply.

Good luck!

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