Lambswool for pointe shoes.  Ewwwwww.


Is there a way to make cheap flats fit someone with two different sized feet? I have a size 7 foot and a size 6 foot and can’t get ballent pumps to fit unless they are elasticated and they are hard to find or are expensive.
Well, short of buying 2 different sizes of shoes or having one shoe professionally altered, I would recommend buying both shoes in the larger size, and stuffing the excess room in the shoe on the smaller foot with lambswool. Ballet dancers use it to pad the toes of their pointe shoes; it conforms to the shape of your feet well and holds warmth, won’t cause blisters, and is cheap! You can buy some here:

Or Google “ballet lambswool” to find a store that sells to your country if you live outside the US.

And though that really is the ugliest product shot of it I’ve ever seen, that is kind of what it looks like!
Hope that helps!


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