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I love how creative and innovative you are with your designs.  Have you ever thought of applying to any of the reality shows such as “Project Runway”, “Launch My Line” or “Fashion By Design”?

Thank you! Reality shows; ah, yes. I’ve been watching Project Runway avidly since Season 1, when I was living in Philadelphia, just about to move to Hawaii. I figured it would be pointless to try out for Season 2 since I was just about to move. Then I moved to Hawaii, far, far away from any audition area, no $$ to travel to one. Then I got pregnant and had my son. And became a stay-at-home mom. And finally moved back to the mainland, where I am now closer to an audition area (and have more money to potentially make the trip). But the other question in my mind was if I was ready or not.

“Making it” on a reality show has little to do with making it in the real world. I’m not sure my design skills or sewing abilities are up to par to being tested in grueling, 2-day challenges. Just because you are successful on the show does not mean you can translate those skills into the actual work that occurs over a period of weeks, if not months, into planning and executing a collection. (I know I don’t instinctively work creatively in short, 2-day intensives.) I’m also not sure I’m enough of a “personality” to win over the hearts of TV audiences everywhere, and many, many contestants on those shows have practically shot themselves in the foot by appearing on TV and being less-than-popular. Many have been vilified, finding their reputation tarnished, mocked by the Internet, and written off by the fashion industry. Plus, I know I’m not particularly “fashion-forward.” I’m not interested in NEXT, I’m interested in NOW. I want to take trends and distill them, translating them for a budget market, utilizing more ecological and sustainable methods of manufacture. Those shows seem to be searching for “The Next Big Fashion Designer” and I’m more retroactive and probably more interested in accessories than clothing. I’ve also watched as Project Runway and The Fashion Show have declined, losing production values (well, maybe not TFS, which has gotten campier), and becoming less about the design ability of the contestants and more about the judges’ egos in recent seasons. But of course the egotistical side of me still wants to try out!

I have to admit I’ve never heard of “Fashion By Design.” What is it?


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