hey carly! any advice on how to diy this dress?  Thanks!

Hi there!
I’m having a lot of trouble seeing the dress up close from the photo. It looks like a simple tube dress – but could it be constructed from multiple tiers of fabric? If you are wanting to create those tiers (i.e., likely a single piece of fabric with horizontal pleats) this is an extremely time-consuming piece. You could do this one of three ways:

1) [USING A BASE DRESS] Take a similar, well-fitting, cheap woven tube dress, like something from Forever 21, (like this plaid dress, above) and use it as the basis for your pattern. Rub off the shape for the front piece and the shape for the back piece onto a piece of paper. Then cut your paper horizontally in to 1″ increments. Add 1″ in-between, taping in more paper. Add the proper shape of the seam allowance to the edges to allow for the under/overlap of the pleats. Do the same for front and back pieces. Trace onto floral fabric, marking the bottom of each of your original 1″ cuts. Then pleat at those marks, pressing with an iron to set the pleats. Sew fabric pieces onto your Forever 21 dress.

2) [FROM SCRATCH] Alter a store-bought pattern in the same way as above to the outer pieces, cutting horizontally, adding paper, fixing the seam allowances, tracing onto your outer fabric, cutting, pleating, and pressing. You would make the inner (if there is one) exactly as in the pattern, and join the outer to the inner.

3) [NO PLEATING] Or, alternatively to not use a single piece of fabric, you could take a piece of that floral print, and cut it into 3″ horizontal strips (you’d need at least 28 strips, judging by the photo, and you’d have to adjust accordingly to how long you want your dress). Then you’d have to fold each strip in half vertically, and press that crease flat. Then you’d have to sew each piece onto your cheap Forever 21 base dress, starting at the bottom, going all the way around, and overlapping the strips vertically by 1/2″. Where they meet in the center back you’d have to leave about 1/2″ unsewn to either side of CB, trim and fold the sides of your strips under themselves, and then topstitch to the CB, and to either side of the zipper once you get to that point.

However you do it, you’re looking at hours of tedious precision work. The best fit will be accomplished by option 3).

If you just want a floral tube dress and don’t care about the tiers, you can just cut up a similar store-bought floral dress and anchor the top with elastic to keep it up. Or you could make one from scratch with a store-bought pattern.

Hope that helps!

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cutting mat img from; Neumode 23259 pattern from; img from user Chiara F.



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