Trenchcoat: Kenneth Cole New York (similar here)
Infinity Scarf: Steve Madden (similar here)
Black Bar Necklace: Forever21
Long-sleeved top: Forever21
Printed camisole: Marc Jacobs
Watch: Forever21
Rings: Forever21 and Icing by Claire’s
Vero Moda Casual Tailored Chinos: ASOS.com
Wedge-heel boots: Forever21 (similar here)

Excuse the grimace; it was crazy-bright in the beginning of shooting these.


I’m not sure at what age I should stop wearing this cute camisole.  It’s got a pinafore back, which might make its expiration date somewhere in one’s 20’s.  Ohdear.


I’ve been hankering after a pair of slouchy pants in a neutral color, so I ordered these from ASOS.com.


I ended up ordering them 2 sizes too big for me.  (I always have trouble ordering pants without trying them on; my tuchus and thighs are a bit larger than what’s usually allowed in a size 4/6…which is what my hips work out to.  If they fit on my hips, they usually will be too snug in the seat…so I ordered up a size…er, two.  Woops.  British sizing always confuses me. LOL)  The pants are also very khaki; I thought they would be more silvery-bisque.  (The color is called “aluminum grey” on the ASOS website for goodness’s sakes!!)  But ohwell.  I like them quite alot, tho I’m wondering if they look like I swiped Hub’s pants or something.  Perhaps I shall alter them so they’re a little less baggy and more high-waisted.  Thoughts?

French manicure with Chanel Particuliere base color and baby-pink tips.

(I’ve been fearful of the whole pegged-leg, pleated-front, highwaisted trouser ever since it came back into style this year…I have horrible memories of being stuffed into such pieces as a child during the 80’s, since these were the only type of cut my mother would buy for me when it came to pants or jeans.  The legs never fully went down to my ankles!!!  And the pants were turquoise in most cases, or light denim in the case of jeans.  Eeeeek.  Ensue hideous teasing from school-aged peers.  Significant mental scarring has been accomplished, hehe.)


I think Spring is finally here!  My Japanese maple is now covered in red, red leaves – and the Spring hail has begun.  (Last year, it hailed every single day for three weeks straight during the month of March…from around 2 pm – 4pm.  Every. Single. Day.  I’ve never seen so much hail in my life…and it looks like this year is threatening to follow suit.)  Better get inside before I get pelted!!



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