Donna from True Until Death was my first buyer from my newly-created ShopChicSteals, where I’ve listed a few items from my closet for sale.

She picked up the FashionToast-inspired Chain Harness, and was awesome enough to take some photos and posted them on her blog!

And I was such a dunderhead to have missed them!

So, it’s now totally after the fact…and she probably thinks I’m a complete…um…buttmunch is the word that comes to mind (too much Beavis and Butthead in the mid-nineties for me, maybe?) for not responding to her…but I still wanted to tell her thank you, and post her great piccies here.

I love how creative she is with the styling – it looks like she’s even rocking black tips on those nails in the above photo – and the harness looks awesome on her!  (My fave is the top photo!)

Please check out her blog True Until Death for her fashion musings and fun, inspiring outfits!  I love her sense of humor:-)

And I’m obviously just getting the hang of how works…again, I’m pretty slow on the uptake, but getting better.  (A compuper…hunh…wha’s that???)

Sorry to all my lovely readers who’ve been asking me questions and waiting for a response!  I think I got it now…  (and don’t forget to check if my answer to your question has not appeared on my blog…the reason probably being that I needed to hear back from the asker to clarify something before posting my answer.)

Thank you for the feedback & I promise I will be far more responsive now that I’ve figured things out!:-)


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