Men’s Denim Shirt Refitted to my size: DIY (tutorial here)

Silver Star Necklace: ? (from Japan)

Petal Perfume Pendant Necklace: JewelMint

Cross Stacking Rings: designed by me

Silver Sparkle Long Tank: Old Navy (from a loong time ago) (similar here) (or here) (or here)

Black Jeggings: UNIQLO

DIY Luxury Jones Belted Boots: tutorial here

Sometimes a casual day can be dressed up just a little with the addition of a lightweight chambray denim shirt.

Plus, the temperature throughout the day here in Portland tends to fluctuate greatly, so I always need that extra layer to stay warm.  Perfect for those cool days of Summer, the chambray shirt is the ultimate closet workhorse.

I accessorized with my newest JewelMint Purchase, the Perfume Petal Pendant necklace.  I’ve been on their mailing list for over a year, but didn’t want to buy anything since I dislike the whole compulsory purchase-a-month subscription thing they have.  But I finally caved, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this piece.  I’ll be sharing a separate review of their service soon, too.

I finally got these stacking cross rings I designed back from my casting company, and am wearing them nonstop.  One is in brushed pewter; the other mirror-finish, and they nest perfectly.  They can also be worn separately, and are completely adjustable and unisex.  I still have to make a few tweaks to the prototype before going into production, but hopefully they will be ready in a few more weeks so I can stock them in my Etsy.

Friday tomorrow!!  I’m just about ready for this week to be over, between classes starting up, my internship getting busier, blog campaigns, and other personal projects, my plate is getting really full.  Isn’t it like July really soon….?  Where the heck did June go???


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