Hi Grishley!
Lovely to hear from you! I’m not sure if it’s really the “best” – I’m still trying things and seeing how they work – but I’ve had some success with listing things on Etsy, and some with listing on my shopchicsteals.com website. I figure, the more places you post something, the more exposure it gets! It may take awhile to generate online sales, so if you are in need of something quick, you might try participating in a craft fair to sell your goods. (Of course, you have to weigh the costs associated with your space and displays vs. your projected sales…and the first time it may not be worth it.) But at least doing it once to begin with will give you an idea as to what you can expect, and give you the ability to tailor your offerings to sell better.)
With crafting items to sell, I can tell you the money certainly doesn’t bowl you over and it is a huge time commitment, but if you can find a niche or a market (i.e., a demand) for you items then you can certainly make enough to save for a big purchase like a camera!
Best of luck!

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