via Fashiontribes but I loved this image so much I just had to post. It’s so freakin’ true!!

I quit making Resolutions when I was 29. I actually didn’t write anything down that year, didn’t make a list, didn’t decided what areas I was going to better myself in. (So uncharacteristic of me!!) I’m not exactly sure why – but I think it might have been because I would always write the same thing every year – and so now those “To-Do’s” are permanently emblazened in my brain; a constant reminder in the back of my head. I don’t need to write them down anymore.

Or maybe I finally realized that by making a plan, I tend to stick with it – and miss out on all the little opportunities that present themselves, refusing to veer from my plan in the slightest – and not realizing that I’ve overlooked that the journey is not always a straight line but often a meandering, crazy-ass wander that pitches you into a pile of brush on one hand, gets you lost on the other, makes you regret that you ever chose this path – but eventually, gets you exactly where you want to be in the end.

So No Resolutions! No To-Do Lists for the Year! (I make those on a daily basis, thank you very much.;-)

Just Life Goals:

1. Be good at something. 

2. Share, share, share. Eventually it will come back in droves.

Make friends, keep friends, appreciate loved ones – multiply the love.

4. Be fit and healthy.

5. Be HAPPY!

What are your resolutions/goals?


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