Hardware Necklace from Banana Republic’s Spring Collection is Just Begging to Be DIY’d

scanned from Lucky Magazine ad, March 2012

This is so reminiscent of all the hardware-inspired necklaces from Fall/Winter 2009…and the hardware necklace I made using plumbing couplings that same year.  Though Banana Republic isn’t that expensive to begin with, getting the look requires only a trip to your local hardware store. 

DIY Tutorial Here!

So glad to see chunky metallic necklaces are in for Spring!!


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Recent DIY Projects

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been neglecting to share things that I’ve made.  Here are a couple items that I’ve finished up and am enjoying:

Galaxy-Print Scrunchie

Make following this tutorial from some leftover self-designed galaxy-print fabric scraps.  I’m making a top with the fabric and since the tiny amount I bought was so goshdarn expesnive, I didn’t want to let any part of it go to waste.  The fabric is silk, backed in black mesh chiffon.  I should have made it twice as wide, but I only had so many scraps leftover.  It tends to slip out of my hair since it’s silk, so I wear it around a hair-tie.


Tribal Necklace

Made with faux bamboo-stick beads and faux coral beads from Michael’s.  I love the spiky organic-ness to it.


Bohemian Leaf Head-band (Head-dress?)

I’m not really a boho gal, but I couldn’t resist crafting this.  Take any flat-ish jewely finding that has a hole in either end, and string them together with jumprings to make an adornment for your brow.  The leaf findings I used only had one hole, so I drilled another one in the end of each piece.  Which took a $%##% long time, too.


Feather Earrings

Made in the style of Owlita.  (Theirs are much nicer, though!)  I just wired together some feathers and added a handmade ear-wire to them.  I love how they mingle in with my hair.

Have you made any projects recently that you’re dying to show off?  Do tell!



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StinaJimerson Recycled Glass Pendant Giveaway!

Well, it’s high time for another giveaway! This time I am partnering with lovely reader Stina, who has recently launched her Etsy store StinaJimerson.  She is offering a beautiful Double-Sided Pendant with Recycled Green and Brown Glass for giveaway.

Stina is an incredibly talented metalworker, and has posted a number of her creations on her eponymous blog (including a ring reminiscent of the Edwardian Cuffs I DIY’d last summer!)  Her recently-launched Etsy includes beautiful fold-formed leaf hoop earrings, pendants and hairpins with glass accents.  She actually launched her store in order to help pay for her upcoming wedding in June.  In addition to her love of crafting metal, she also works with an organization locally to recycle glass bottles.  In her words:

My friends at church were sitting around talking about the major issue created when our city cancelled our recycling program 2 or 3 years ago, when they decided to do something about it. They began putting the word out that they would like to collect glass bottles (mainly wine bottles) from fellow church members, rigged up some home-made tools, and got to work. Now, there are quite a few regular weekly volunteers…and we’re even in the process of applying for non-profit status. We make sets of drinking glasses, wind chimes, tea-lights, lamps, and lots of other things out of these bottles! We sell them at the farmers’ market here in town, and all the proceeds go to our local Habitat for Humanity. We’re trying to raise enough money to say we built a whole house! When we break bottles, which happens a LOT, the glass gets tumbled to break it into small, smooth chunks. This we sell as mulch [people say that the smaller pieces are good for mixing into the soil because they help water flow or something]. I use the tumbled glass in my jewelry, and I make a 30% donation to Habitat for every item that sells. I started an Etsy for [the organization as well], but we’re not selling until we get this non-profit status or whatever it is we need because we can’t get a paypal account without that. This Etsy is Kuttbottle.etsy.com.

Its a really fun organization to be a part of. We now get bottles coming in from all over the community. We calculated that we’ve saved about 20,000 bottles from the landfill so far, and we have a whole storage room full of bottles, as well as the entire back side of the Habitat Restore!

One lucky Chic Steals reader will win a Double-Sided Pendant with Recycled Green and Brown Glass from StinaJimerson’s Etsy shop!

This pendant is about 1 inch by 1.5 inches and is made of plated nickle. One side is green glass and the other is brown glass.

The glass comes from an organization here in Nacogdoches [TX], C&R KuttBottle, that takes in all kinds of glass bottles and makes various things out of them (such as drinking glasses and windchimes). Whenever a bottle breaks – which is frequently because cutting them is sometimes hard – it gets put in a tumbler and makes glass like I have used in this piece. The most wonderful thing about this organization is that their proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. Since I get the glass from them, I donate a portion to Habitat as well!

The pendant will be strung on a ribbon for the winner.

Dahlia Soleil Collection Slouchy Hat GiveawayHow to EnterDahlia Soleil Collection Slouchy Hat Giveaway


1. Check out StinaJimerson’s Etsy shop and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item in the shop is! (make sure you leave your email address or that your address is in your profile so I can contact you). (1 entry)


2. Follow Stina’s blog and leave a SEPARATE comment here letting me know.  (1 entry)

3. Tweet this giveaway. Leave a SEPARATE comment on this post with the link to your tweet! (1 entry)

Total: 3 entries per person allowed.

However, if you do not keep your additional entry comments separate from your required entry comment, they WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

Giveaway open to anyone in the world!!
Giveaway period is open from now until Thursday, May 19, 11:59 PM PST. (Extended 1 day from original deadline)


Edit 5/20: Giveaway period is now closed and winner will be announced shortly.  Thanks to everyone who entered!
Winner chosen by Random.org and notified by email.
Good luck!
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DIY Ruffle Studded Necklace: Create Couture Challenge

Inspired by Candace Ang‘s ruffle necklaces, I created a super-simple, super-affordable version for one of my submissions for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.

You Need:

*Cream Sweater Style Stretch Trim
*Large Silver Pyramid Studs

Additional Tools/Materials:

 *silver necklace or chain
*sewing machine
*hand-sewing needle
*matching thread
*chain-cutting pliers

How to:

1. Cut the Stretch Trim in half.

2. Zigzag stitch the two halves together along the long sides on the sewing machine.  (Slightly overlapping them is best.)

3. Securely knot a long piece of thread on your needle, and make long, basting stitches along the long side of the trim piece you just made.

4. Pull thread tight to gather the trim – and knot securely on the other side.
5. Sew back through the top gathers to secure.

6. Stud the trim and fold the stud prongs down on the underside.

7. Cut chain necklace in half, and stitch both ends of it to the top ends of your ruffle piece.

 Fuzzy and fun – this was sooooo quick to do.

Totally tactile, this fuzzy trim makes an edgy statement with all that metal peeking out!


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