DIY Mini-Skirt Inspiration from Chictopia

festival-style-reverse-skirt_400I love lurking on street-style blogs for many reasons, one of which is the MAJOR DIY inspo I can find there. Looking at the variety of other people’s outfits always gets my creativity wheels a-churning, thinking “oh, I could do this to a skirt I already have!” or “use an applique and you’d be able to make that!” etc.  I find that the street-style blogs geared towards a younger audience ( and, for example) are such a treasure trove of inspiration for embellishment, cutting, studding, and clothing alteration that you can’t find anywhere else (and that you can easily make yourself).  Given that Spring is in full swing already and skirt hemlines are rising, here is some mini-skirt inspiration sourced from Chictopia’s member style photos and shopping section:

festival-style-reverse-skirt_400Tibet Cross Skirt, $47

If you’re one for embroidery, you can embroider little crosses all over a chiffon skirt like in Hetterson’s Embroider a Pine Tree Dress for Frolic! Tutorial.  You could also use fabric cut into cross-shapes, backed with Heat ‘n’ Bond…or even tiny cross appliques.


A DIY tutu is no problem…you just need a couple yards of tulle, a little time, and this great DIY Tulle Skirt tutorial from Cotton & Curls.

buckled-zara-boots-chain-cross-bag-asos-bag-wrap-skort-zara-skirt_400from user STYLELIMELIGHT

Looks like that white Zara wrap skort is suddenly having a moment.  You could totally DIY something similar with a bit of white, stiff fabric using my DIY Simple Wrap Skirt tutorial.

penelopes-vintage-skirt_400Vintage 90s Corduroy Zip-Up Skirt, $30

Create a zipped-up look to any skirt by tacking a zipper down the front.

latiste-skirt_400Aloha Peplum Skirt, $34

Make this yourself by using A Matter of Style’s DIY Peplum Skirt tutorial – it’s so detailed and the finished product is amazing.

satin-elle-jacket-studded-aldo-pumps-wolford-stockings_400from user THECOVERTBOUTIQUE

You could totally change the look of any skirt you own by throwing on a removable peplum over it…I did a tutorial for a puffy DIY Jil Sander Gathered Removable Peplum awhile back, and, Maegan has a great tutorial for a flippy, soft removable peplum of leather (easily converted to use with your favorite fabric).

yellow-cotton-on-shirt-black-stradivarius-shirt-yellow-little-paris-skirt_400from user ZEANVO

I love this pretty yellow skirt with this contrasting black print!  You could DIY this by hand-painting trees onto the bottom of a skirt with fabric paint…or even going the extra mile and making your own DIY Screenprinted Tree Skirt (and my tree image is available here if you’re interested).


Punching Leather Skirt in Black, $58

To DIY this takes a great deal of time and precision…but you could do it to a thrifted leather skirt, using a leather punch and Syl and Sam’s DIY Scalloped Skirt tutorial.

blanco-skirt-blanco-blouse_400from user TWENTY7THINGS

Easily make a wrap-style tulip skirt from a large scarf like Lions, Tigers, and Fashion Oh My!.  Perfect for a beach cover-up or a chic boho look to any outfit!

What are your favorite mini-skirt tutorials?

Happy skirting!



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DIY Simple Wrap Skirt

outfit2.14.13_handbagOn the Spring/Summer 2013 runways, wrap skirts (a.k.a “split skirts”) showed up repeatedly in collections such as those from Rag & Bone, Tommy Hilfiger, and Proenza Schouler.

luckymagazineskirt Lucky Magazine also did a short feature on the wrap skirt (calling it the “Envelope Skirt” in their February 2013 issue), and I was immediately taken with how easy it seemed to make.
diywrapskirt_done2outfit2.14.13_skirtThis type of wrap skirt is hardly different from a single piece of fabric, wrapped around your waist like a simple toga-cloth, but you can add a few details to make it looked more finished and less like a scrap from the fabric store.  Add a small bit of tailoring so it sits better, and an adjustable closure to allow movement, and you have a versatile bottom that is ready to usher in Spring.  Here’s how:


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DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt…Made From A Curtain!

No, it’s not April Fools’…this skirt is really made from a lace curtain!!

I’m sure you’ve seen these curtains hanging in people’s houses…maybe you have them hanging in your own house.  (I know I did while living in Japan as it’s standard there to have lace curtains on the outside, and patterned curtains on the inside, of the curtain rails there.)

And if you check out your local Goodwill, you can find the most lovely lace curtain panels for a steal.

I found one huge panel for a mere $5.99.  That much beautiful fabric for that price is a bargain!!

So I set about using that lace fabric…and I found a ton of uses for it.  But FIRST…the DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt, a Spring 2012 staple.  And it’s sooooo easy!  Here’s how to make it: (more…)

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DIY Jil Sander Maxi-Skirt

Jil Sander’s S/S 2011 RTW Collection was filled with punchy-bright minimalist maxi-skirts with gathers at the waist – making all the models who walked in the show vaguely reminiscent of upside-down tulips.  I re-created the bright column skirt with knee-length slit in one side, to herald the beginning of Summer and the return of warmer days.  (I would have shared this much earlier, except I left my paper scribbled with all my measurements back in the States, during the last month I spent in Tokyo.  So here it is finally!)

How to Make a DIY Jil Sander Column Maxi-Skirt

Since I wanted to make this DIY as simple as possible, I created instructions for a straight skirt (not a fishtail-cut like the peplum version), along with a removable peplum.  In the Jil Sander Collection the fishtail orange skirt has an attached peplum, and there are also separate peplums that can be worn on top of pants or other pieces as desired.  Therefore I decided to make two separate pieces for ultimate versatility; these are the instructions for the skirt.

You Need: (more…)

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