No, it’s not April Fools’…this skirt is really made from a lace curtain!!

I’m sure you’ve seen these curtains hanging in people’s houses…maybe you have them hanging in your own house.  (I know I did while living in Japan as it’s standard there to have lace curtains on the outside, and patterned curtains on the inside, of the curtain rails there.)

And if you check out your local Goodwill, you can find the most lovely lace curtain panels for a steal.

I found one huge panel for a mere $5.99.  That much beautiful fabric for that price is a bargain!!

So I set about using that lace fabric…and I found a ton of uses for it.  But FIRST…the DIY Lace Maxi-Skirt, a Spring 2012 staple.  And it’s sooooo easy!  Here’s how to make it:

You Need:lace curtain with hemmed bottom  /  white waistband elastic (knit 3/4″ wide works great), enough to go around your waist / matching thread

Tools: measuring tape / fabric scissors / safety pin / machine needle or hand-sewing needle


How To:1.  Measure from the finished bottom of the curtain:  55″ wide and 45″ long. Make sure it is long enough for you (or however long you want it) +1″ or so (since you’ll be losing that much from the length once the top part of the skirt is finished).

2. Cut according to your measurements.

3. Stitch the two shorter sides together (right sides together), at about a 1/2″ seam allowance.

4. Open that seam flat and stitch across it at the bottom to secure it open.

5. Turn down a small amount at the top unfinished edge to the inside, and topstitch all the way around (topstitching over that open side seam).

6. Turn down about 3/4″ again to the inside, and topstitch to make a casing.  Leave about 2″ near the side seam unsewn.

7. Measure your elastic by pulling it taut around your waist, then overlapping the ends by 1″.  Make sure it is taut, but not digging painfully into your waist.

8. Cut elastic.

9. Pin the safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread it into the casing through the part you left unstitched.  Thread the elastic all the way around, keeping it flat and untwisted inside the casing.

10. Overlap the elastic by 1″ and sew a rectangle shape to secure the ends together.  Slip it back inside the casing.

11. Topstitch the remaining part of the casing to finish.

And that’s it!  Because you’s using a curtain that already has a finished hem…there is no finishing required.  How’s that for simple??!

(side seam goes at the back)

I’m going to be wearing this over knit maxidresses, denim shorts, leggings, and miniskirts to start with…It’s a truly versatile piece that will be a wardrobe workhorse in the months to come!

 Take a stab at making one of these yourself and see how many different ways you can think of wearing it!

Happy DIY’ing!


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