1. Ruffled Loose Suit in Black $33.19  /  2. Luxurious Long Sleeve Contrast Dress $51.19  /  3. Orange Shirt with Scenery Pattern $16.99  /  4. Vintage Black Dress with Bead Turtleneck $32.79  /  5. Celebona Plain Signet Ring $19.90  /  6. Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses $15.98  /  7. Gray Long Sleeve Whale Print Sweatshirt $24.79  /  8. Cute Pink Falbala Dress $34.39  /  9. Stripy Snake Print Heeled Shoes $87.19  /  10. Pants in Flowers Print $39.99  /  11. Laser Leather Shopper $31.99  /

It’s kind of that in-between time of year, when it’s still blustery and cold, but signs of Spring are already showing. You still need to bundle up, but are craving some pretty colors and happy florals as comfort. With a lot of end-of-year sales going on, now is the time to snap up some great pieces that will work for the months to come. If I could just buy, buy, buy this whole week I could be totally happy with pink, hologram, jewels, and flowers (see wishlist above).

All these chic items are on sale, so hurry snap them up before the prices return to normal!



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