(I’m not sure what big name they’re all knocking off…if anyone could help me out…?)

LOVE this shoe – and fatefully snapped up the Steve Madden version since I mistakenly thought it was a light nude. (It looks like a very light beige, non?) Well, when it arrived I found out the color was more like a puke pinky-brown..completely icky. Plus one of the shoes had pen marks on it and gouges on the toe area. They at least accepted the return and refunded me (which they wouldn’t have had I just not liked the color)…but still! Wide band, sort of half-sandal, half shoe, what’s not to love? (But I’m staying away from the $180 price tag.) GoJane.com used to have their version in fuchsia and nude as well, and so I’m hoping they’ll get the nude back in stock…if not, I’ll just have to make them myself!

Tell me it’s not completely impossible to find the perfect nude summer shoe??

-Carly J. Cais


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