Fall is my favorite time of year, especially October that culminates in the spooky, cool holiday of Halloween.

Gothic-inspired black becomes commonplace this time of year; crosses and skull jewelry abound, and crazy, dark makeup looks hardly out of place.   But why buy when you can DIY?  Here are some ideas for must-have pieces this time of year…that can still be worn beyond the holiday, and that are all easily duped with a little creativity:

I WANT: Chunky Skull Jewelry

BUY: Chibi Jewels Tiny Skull Stud Earrings, $45  /  Karma Mantra Crystal Skull Bhaala Braceleticon, $48

…or DIY: Fire Mountain Gems Bead Mix, Imitation Howlite, $7.40 / Oriental Trading Co. Silvertone Skull Charms, $4.99

 I WANT: Gothic Printed Clothing

BUY: Romwe Cross-Print Distressed Jumper, $35.90  / ASOS Foil Tapestry Skull Shirticon, $31.66

…or DIY: use my Alexander McQueen-Inspired Skull-Print Scarf Tutorial as inspiration, but cut a cross stencil and use  Simply Spray in Silver Glimmer, $10.12 on a sweater instead / Dritz Graphic T Flock Iron-On Skull-and-Crossbones in White, $4.99  / Halloween Spirit Collection Foil Skulls on Black Fabric, $6.79

I WANT: Tights That Make Me Shudder

BUY: Pamela Mann Sheer Crosses Tights, $15  / BAT Print Tights, $13.23

…or DIY: use my Super-Easy Tattoo Tights Tutorial and draw your favorite shapes on yourself!  Laundry Sharpie Marker & White Sharpie Paint Marker / use Six Six Sick’s DIY Rodarte 3 Ways Tutorial for a spooky spiderwebby look to your tights, and use Mary Maxim Mohair Glitter Yarn, or some other non-scratchy soft mohair yarn if you’re dying for a knitting project

Yarn photo source

I WANT: A Dark Cut-Out Dress

BUY: Shakuhachi NY Sweat Dress, $158  /  Roped MaxiDress, $88

…or DIY: Take a long T-shirt and do this to it.  Hanes Beefy T Adult Short-Sleeved T-Shirt, $10.50.

Scissors photo source

I WANT: Deep Oxblood-Colored Lipstick

BUY: Makeup Forever No. 44 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick, $19

…or DIY: Beetroot Lipstick: 1 tablespoon beetroot powder, 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin (or regular glycerin if you are okay with using animal products), 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil or olive oil.  1) Put the vegetable glycerin and beetroot powder in a saucer and stir the mixture until it’s smooth.  2) Add the vitamin E oil and apply. [source: Guardian News and Media]

Any Halloween-style projects you’re inspired to do this time of year?






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