Welcome to the latest installment of One Piece, Three Girls – where I feature a single article of clothing, jewelry, or an accessory from a local boutique, styled into 3 different looks for 3 different ladies. (See my feature with Portland’s Mabel & Zora boutique here!)

1piece3girls_fluttersignFor this post, I had the opportunity to work with Flutter in the North Mississippi district of Portland. If you’ve never been to Flutter, you really must go next time you’re in town – because it is a treasure trove of amazing vintage, handmade pieces, eclectic ephemera, candles, papers, ribbons, books, masks, succulents, soaps, and home decor oh my! 1piece3girls_flutter2They operate their website on Flutterclutter.com and it is indeed a clutter….of spectacular finds!Flutter opened its doors in 2006, and is described on their website as “a delightful disarray of found objects and clutter.”

1piece3girls_cristinflutterownerFlutter co-owner Cristin Hinesley

The shop, co-owned by Cristin Hinesley and Sara Kolp, sells a variety of items including vintage clothing, perfumes, soaps and lotions, paper goods, ribbon by foot, vintage-inspired toys, antique furniture, eclectic books, succulents, planters, fresh flowers, candy, and locally-crafted jewelry and accessories. 1piece3girls_flutter31piece3girls_flutter1Set against turquoise-blue walls and elegant chandeliers, the sheer volume of what is available in this store can keep you browsing for hours – as well as King, the sweet gray Persian-mix cat who resides in the store (and loves being stroked and cuddled!).1piece3girls_flutter41piece3girls_flutter5 1piece3girls_flutter6FlutternecklaceFor this feature, we have chosen the Bon Vivant Necklace by Mode O’Day, a statement necklace dripping with crystals and hand-forged chains, made locally here in Portland, OR. Even though it is a total statement piece, it can also be dressed down in a casual manner – or made the star of the outfit. 1piece3girls_wallis21piece3girls_wallis1First up, we have Wallis. Wallis designs and sews her own line called This Old Blouse which she sells on Etsy, taking pre-loved shirts for sports teams and making them into dresses. (So popular for game season, especially during the Fall!!) You can find her line This Old Blouse on Facebook as well. She is also the production manager and patternmaker for Sarah Bibb, which is sold at Folly in downtown Portland. 1piece3girls_wallis3For Wallis we went with a more dressy date-night look: a flared dress with sparkly accessories to set off the sparkle of the crystals in the necklace.

1piece3girls_wallis41piece3girls_wallis5Wallis is wearing: mishakaudi disco ball earrings ($12), Bon Vivant necklace by mode o’day, Fleet Collection Dress, DIY Zebra Glitter Clutch (tutorial here), DIY Black-and-White Swarovski Bracelet (tutorial coming soon!), Sarah Bibb Belt, Jeffrey Cambell shoes.

1piece3girls_rachel21piece3girls_rachel1 Next we have Rachel. Rachel is the amazingly talented blogger behind Transient Expression – a blog a chock-full of great DIY tutorials, recipes, and inspiration. Plus, we were following each other’s blogs waaaaay back in the beginning when I started blogging – back in 2008! – and she’s been a longtime reader and I’ve been a longtime fan. 🙂 She also designs beautiful jewelry and accessories, which she sells in her Etsy shop Pillars of Creation. 1piece3girls_rachel3For Rachel we re-created an urban hipster look: printed T-shirt, ankle boots, cut-off shorts with tights, blogger topknot – all paired with a glamorous necklace to be the height of irony.

1piece3girls_rachel41piece3girls_rachel5Rachel is wearing: Bon Vivant necklace by mode o’day, Men’s AllSaints T-shirt, Flutter Vintage bag ($18), Green Dinosaur Mask ($12), DIY Pamela Love Arrowhead RingDIY Denim Cut Offs, DIY Spike-End Bangle, Urban Outfitters boots.


Finally we have Suzannah of the blog Adventures in Dressmaking modeling the last look. As with Transient Expression, Adventures in Dressmaking was one of the blogs I followed very early on in my blogging journey, and we’ve always commented on each other’s blogs over the years. On her site, Suzannah shares tons of sewing, crating, and home decor projects, as well outfit photos and items she’s made in those outfits (like in her How to Wear DIY series). Suzannah and I also both joined the Portland Bloggers group, and she has been instrumental in helping to organize many of the meet-ups and events for the group. 1piece3girls_suzannah3For Suzannah, we decided to go with an office casual, utilizing a button-down shirt, belted cardigan, skinny pants, and printed shoes. The sparkly necklace is worn dangling under the collar to accent the neckline and make the whole ensemble feel a little less “buttoned up.”1piece3girls_suzannah41piece3girls_suzannah5

Suzannah is wearing:  Jessica Anne Earrings ($22), Marshall’s top, DIY Spike-Ended Bangle, thrifted Target cardigan, DIY Pretty Pearl Beaded Ring (tutorial coming soon!), Charlotte Russe belt, thrifted Target pants, Steve Madden leopard pumps.

Also, if you are ordering online from Flutter, they are offering Free Shipping on all online orders over $75! (Therefore, the Bon Vivant Necklace ships free!)

Bon Vivant Necklace on FlutterClutter.com ($99) with Free Shipping

Thank you so much to Cristin and Sara from Flutter for their hospitality, and to Wallis, Rachel, and Suzannah for being my willing models!;-)

Let me know what you think – whose look do you like the best? And how would YOU style the Bon Vivant necklace?


P.S. If any of my readers are local to Portland, OR, and between the ages of 25-40, I’d love to feature you in the “One Piece, Three Girls” series. Drop me a line and let’s collaborate!


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