0.diyombresherbetmani_introphotoAs a child I was always drawn to the rainbow sherbet at the ice cream shop in my little town…and loved to watch all the colors melt together in my tiny paper cup into a rainbow lava flow of epic proportions (read: icky orangey-brown). I’ve always had a thing for ombre colors (and sherbet, LOL), but they’re really hard to re-create on one’s nails without an airbrush. diyombresherbetmani_setsWhile in Tokyo I recently bought a couple extra sets of Beauty Wild’s nail polish trios that I first discovered during last year’s Japan trip. This year Beauty Wild now has a “Gelato” version that includes a neutral base + color, with a glitter polish to create a pretty ombre transition (and labeled A, B, and C for ease of use). diyombresherbetmani_setEven if you don’t have access to Beauty Wild products, you can easily re-create the ombre mani at home with 3 coordinating nail polish colors in your stash. Here’s how:

You Need:

diyombresherbetmani_materials2Nailpolish A: a pastel neutral that is opaque with 2 coats  /  Nailpolish B: a contrasting pastel color that is opaque in 2 coats (mine has finely-milled glitter too)  /  Nailpolish C: a translucent colored pastel with chunky glitterdiyombresherbetmani_materials

How To:

diyombresherbetmani_pinteresthowto1. Swipe 2 coats of the Nailpolish A onto your nails and let dry.

2. Cover the tip of your nail (the white part) with 1 coat of Nailpolish B and let dry.

3. Swipe another coat of Nailpolish B onto your nails starting halfway down the nail.

4. While Nailpolish B is still wet, daub Nailpolish C (using the tip of the brush) in the center of your nails to hide the transition from A to B.

And that’s it!
diyombresherbetmani_done3diyombresherbetmani_done1 A pretty, grown-up version of an ombre nail – which reminds me of soft sorbets and cool gelatos during the hot Summer months. Have fun combining your own favorite colors and glitter to make your own DIY ice cream nails!diyombresherbetmani_done4

Happy DIY’ing!



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