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Welcome to my 3rd installment of F.I.L.L.! It’s been a crazy-busy week, and I have even more ahead. 3 weeks until I head to Tokyo for a month, 3 weeks to get tons and tons of DIY’s done and posted! Yikes. But I’ll rally and get it done. For some reason, there’s always like 1-2 weeks in a year I feel everything hinges upon, and I’m heading into them.  So, while I buckle down to get some major work accomplished, here are some links that have caught my eye this past week:

Dream It: Inspiration & Creativity

Every wanted to manifest what you see in your dreams? Computers can now detect what subjects are dreaming…at least 70% of the time. Now all they need is some method to record it.

Life Hacks: How to Jumpstart Your Career gives some great advice on how to jumpstart anything. Just implementing a few of the productivity hacks in the list will double or even triple what you get done in the day.

See Eric Standley’s Stained Glass Art made from paper, and prepare to have your breath taken away. Seriously amazing handiwork.

Buy It: Shopping Picks

Totally amazed at this: Reet Aus, the world’s first mass-produced, upcycled clothing line. You can order Reet Aus, or other upcycled, sustainably-manufactured clothing lines (there are a few) at the TrashtoTrend website.

Is it wrong to want this chic monochromatic bikini so much? I figure it would be pretty DIY’able if one were so inclined, but I kind of want to buy when it comes to swimwear.

This is the chic-est dress imaginable, perfect for a night on the town. It is a night on the town, really. Point-blank.

Make It: DIY

I adore this DIY Lighted Constellation Canvas! It’s so dreamy and romantic – and perfect for any room.

How To Make Clothes Look Vintage and Worn is a great collection of tutorials for faux-ageing your stuff.

Simone Heng of is a DIY blogger based in Dubai, with a ton of awesome DIY tutorials on her blog. Check them out!

Live It: Lifestyle

In the wake of the clothing manufacturing factory collapse in Bangladesh, news outlets are beginning to examine the consumption of low-cost clothing and the social and economic ramifications. Watch NBC Nightly News’ The Cost of Cheap Clothes for some insight.

NastyGal is a Fast-Growing Retailer says the New York Times. I’ve been following them for awhile, and have been amazed at the company’s growth and success.

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