Hair: Priscilla Mecha-Raku Ekusute in Otome-Maki

Rhinestone Necklaces: vintage

Bird-Printed Dress: Miss Selfridge’s

Silicon Day-Planner: MARK’schedule

Rings (L-R): unknown, mocha, mocha, Cartier, Tiffany

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive

Sheer Maxi-Skirt: handmade by me

Chain-link Sandals: Wet Seal

The last outfit that I took photos of while I was in Japan last month.  (Sorry…backtracking a little here…)

We went out for lunch with some of Hub’s family friends, and met their new baby.

I layered a couple vintage rhinestone necklaces (bought off Ebay and Etsy) over each other, snapped in my super-long curly extensions, and after putting on my Miss Selfridge bird-printed dress decided it was way too short to be even slightly appropriate as is, so layered my DIY sheer maxiskirt over it.

Trying to look nonchalant in photos always has me looking slightly confused.;-)

I fell in love with this day planner that I spied at the bookstore; it’s soft, bright neon silicone cover reminded me of Lego’s, and the extra-cool thing is that you can reposition the small colored rectangles wherever you like.  I haven’t used a day planner for ages – this is the perfect excuse to get back into it.

I can’t believe August is almost halfway over!  I’ve felt like this summer has just flown by…perhaps aided by the fact that the only hot, sticky, summery weather I experienced was in Tokyo…?  Who is ready for Fall to start?!



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