0.diygoldnuggetpushpins_intro2I am the only one drooling over completely-coordinated office accessories?  I have most certainly fallen into the rabbit-hole of inspiration with Pinterest’s never-ending supply of inspirational office environments…and my own home office re-do that has been months in the making.  I finally settled on a palette of white with pops of gold and cobalt blue for my office makeover, and to follow my own rules of things being easy on the eye and in a coordinating color palette I decided the pushpins for my inspiration corkboard desperately needed a facelift.  I know, it’s total obsessing over the details.  But it’s these details that can turn something run-of-the-mill into a statement.  AND they make a great gift for a special someone.  Here’s how to make your own:

You Need:diygoldnuggetpushpins_materials

white air-dry clay  /  Mod Podge (I’m using the Gloss version)  /  gold glitter  /  gold metallic spray paint

Tools: cutting blade  /  paintbrush  /  foil, newspapers, or styrofoam piece  /  plastic tray or lid for the glitter

How To:

diygoldnuggetpushpins_step11. Wad up a small piece of clay into a ball and cover up your pushpin head.  diygoldnuggetpushpins_step2Make sure there’s enough on top of the pushpin as well; you will be cutting this down later, and cover the bottom all the way to the pin completely.

diygoldnuggetpushpins_step32. Allow to dry per the clay instructions for air-drying.

diygoldnuggetpushpins_step43. Use a straight blade to cut the clay into straight edges.  diygoldnuggetpushpins_step5I went for a random geometric pattern, cutting at different angles until no round parts remained.  (I cut a little too close to the top of the pushpins on some, and you could see the plastic poking through!)

diygoldnuggetpushpins_step64. Spray with a metallic gold paint to get a base color.  (Ideally, if you could find gold air-dry clay, this step would be unnecessary…but such a thing is quite elusive.)  You could even just leave your pushpins metallic gold if you wanted, and skip the glitter step.  But if you’d like to add sparkle…


5. Brush Mod Podge onto the clay, and roll the clay in gold glitter until completely covered; allow to dry.

diygoldnuggetpushpins_step87. Once dry, coat with a final coating of Mod Podge to seal the glitter (since as pushpins they’ll be handled a lot).

z.diygoldnuggetpushpins_done3You’re done!

z.diygoldnuggetpushpins_done2Decorate your inspiration board with these faux gems, or gift them to a lovely lady in your life!  You could do any color (Pastels would be GORGEOUS!  Matte gray super-minimalist and modern!) and any finish (like glitter, shiny, matte etc).z.diygoldnuggetpushpins_done1

What I did for St. Patrick’s Day.  Lil Tot followed the trail of gold nuggets to a Leprechaun’s forgotten chocolate coin!

z.diygoldnuggetpushpins_done4Have fun prettying up your office, and Happy DIY’ing!


Resources for the DIY Glittery Gold Nugget Pushpins

Pushpins – I had lying around. But the ones that have a plastic top (and aren’t flat) are easiest to use for this project.  I think these (since they’re clear) would be an excellent choice.

Mod Podge – available at Michael’s, Jo-Anns, or  here.

Air-Dry Modeling Clay – I bought at Michael’s.  You could also use Crayola-brand (just more pricey).

Gold Glitter – I used Tulip-brand; available at Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s Craft stores.

Gold Metallic Spray Paint – I used Design Master Brilliant Gold 71, which provided a matte metallic gold finish.  They’ve changed the design of the can since I bought it, but you can get it at Jo-Ann’s.



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