DIY Glittery Gold Nugget Geometric Pushpins for the Office Corkboard

0.diygoldnuggetpushpins_intro2I am the only one drooling over completely-coordinated office accessories?  I have most certainly fallen into the rabbit-hole of inspiration with Pinterest’s never-ending supply of inspirational office environments…and my own home office re-do that has been months in the making.  I finally settled on a palette of white with pops of gold and cobalt blue for my office makeover, and to follow my own rules of things being easy on the eye and in a coordinating color palette I decided the pushpins for my inspiration corkboard desperately needed a facelift.  I know, it’s total obsessing over the details.  But it’s these details that can turn something run-of-the-mill into a statement.  AND they make a great gift for a special someone.  Here’s how to make your own:

You Need: (more…)

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