The art of DIY is something I believe, to be enjoyed for oneself, shared with others as means of inspiration and encouragement, but not something that should be applied to creating exact replicas or knockoffs to make a profit on sales of such items.  Inspired by, but not replicated if there are sales involved.  I get so many requests (even now!) for me to make a custom knockoff pair of those Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Super-Spiked Heels I DIY’d nearly 3 years ago, that sometimes I feel my intentions in sharing these how-tos and ideas on my blog are being misconstrued entirely.

Sometimes I wonder if I should only be sharing tutorials for items quite different from, but still inspired by, designer pieces.  It’s a tough call.

But for all of us out there who craft, who create, and who produce art, there is always the question of inspiration vs. imitation.  Though in her eloquent post designer Jessica Hische is writing about art in general, I believe her great analysis of the art of copying (and how to avoid straight-out mimicry) is a great read and utterly applicable to everything creative in life (including DIY!).

And especially DIY, and making your own projects for yourself, as well as to share with others.  Ideas are everywhere, and what you choose to appropriate, re-appropriate, and re-mix becomes art the further away it gets from its original inspiration.  I re-read this blog post all the time because it’s such a great one (and Ms. Hische is an amazing logotype and branding designer too!)

Read Inspiration vs. Imitation by Jessica Hische

Just some food for thought on this late, late evening.:-)



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