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Hiya ! Sorry to disturb you ! I love your blog and i read it daily.You’ve inspired me so much that I have just made my own, but it’s still empty.How to get more publicity? Please visit my etsy shop here to see what i make :
Hi there! Thank you for the kind words about my blog. I’ve discussed how to start out and gain followers (i.e., publicity) here in an earlier post ( As I mentioned in the post, reading back-issues of Style Sample Magazine is a fabulous way to learn the ins and outs of blogging, especially in regards to publicity. You could also join a networking group, like IFB (independent fashion bloggers), or a style-sharing site, like Weardrobe or You could do post exchanges, by having a guest poster on your blog, or interview a blogger who already has a following. But to tell the truth “publicity” is really jumping the gun. You have to build up a certain style and voice to your blog, as well as building up a backlog of posts, in order to gain a following and repeat readers. Unless you have an extremely unique hook, an already-well-known name, or celebrity/powerful media contacts, then it’s almost impossible to gain publicity for something that has just begun straight off the bat. Publicity is something that you can work on or towards as you post your content, but focus on networking with other bloggers and gaining a following for now since you’ve just started. (You may also want to link your blog in your Etsy profile, if you’re using your blog to promote your items.)
Hope that helps!


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