She’s referring to the above booties.
I received the following question on
Hi! I adore your blog; your DIYs are absolutely fabulous! Anyways, I fell in LOVE with your booties from “How to Make a Pair of Boot-Covers from a Leather Jacket.” Where did you get them?!  <3 always, Kaelie
Hi Kaelie! Thank you for your kind words!
Those booties I bought from Forever 21 – in early November 2009. I haven’t seen them since on the website or in the stores, but maybe there’s Ebay? I will mention they are the most hideously uncomfortable shoes EVER – there’s no padding in the sole, so you can feel the ground as you walk on it…and the top of the shoe is cut too high and grates on my ankle bone with every step I take. (You can see it digging into my ankles in the above photo.)  The toe-boxes are also made too narrow…ick.  They look pretty, though!


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