I received a question earlier about the ring I was wearing in one of my photos that is used to make jewelry.  I answered it and hit “post to Blogger” on formspring.me…but nothing happened, and my answer and the question were deleted.  So here it is again…

The ring is on my left index finger – it is called a Jump Ring Tool.  It is used for prising open and closing jumprings when making jewelry.  You can buy it from most craft/jewelry supply stores, or online at sites such as Firemountaingems.com here, for about $3.  Up until I bought it I was opening and closing jumprings by pushing them with my nail, or if they were heavy-gauge jumprings, using two sets of pliers.  Not anymore!  I can’t believe all that struggling – this little tool is such a timesaver, and I honestly can’t believe I managed without it up til now.  (I sometimes forget to take it off, tho!)
Hope that answers your question!



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