Having spent the last 4 days in Tucson, Arizona visiting my brother and his wife, I’ve returned this week feeling pretty tired out from a trip filled with sightseeing and walking around.  It was super-hot; very dry heat; with tons of prickly things and creepy-crawly things all over the place to add to the ambiance.  Here are some photos I took along the trip:

My brother (2 yrs. younger) and my son near a lookout point on the way to the Desert Museum.

Pretty desert vistas.  Hat: Material Girl [Japanese Brand], Glasses-Print T-shirt: Pineapple County; Floral Trousers: ASOS Maternity; Metallic Flats: Sole Society.

At the front of the Desert Museum: 2 Javelina [wild pigs]; one getting his nose picked courtesy of Lil Tot.

This tarantula had apparently molted just prior to our arrival so it looked like there were 2 tarantulas in the case.  Ugh.

Some sort of strange stone/sediment something in the geological portion of the museum.

A cave filled with beautiful lit crystal daggers.

Outside with boulders displaying [turquoise-colored] copper ore.

We saw something quite unusual (apparently, according to my brother and sister-in-law, who were thrilled): 2 mountain lions out and about in the zoo area.  Of course, we hadn’t ever seen mountain lions before, so now this is our expectation whenever we happen upon these elusive creatures again.

We could see the clouds dumping rain on the city far away, which impressed me: I had been under the impression Tucson really didn’t get much rain.  How wrong I was!

Lil Tot is quite a bit smaller than the grand Saguaro (“Suh-wa-roh”) cactus.   They can live to 200 or more years old!

Prickly pear.  Apparently you can make jam out of them.  And margaritas.  And candy.  (Lil Tot’s prickly pear lollipop tasted like a light corn syrupy-caramel flavor…though that could have just been the corn syrup in it and not the prickly pear.)

At the Desert Museum we saw this HUGE 3-4 ft long snake just slowly crossing the trail.  I freaked out, and went closer for a better picture.

Of course I couldn’t get a really good one.

I loved this in the Desert Museum bathrooms!  If only it was stocked with SPF 110!!

Lil Tot showing his moves on the balance beam at a local park.

And helping my brother walk his dog down an alley.

We also went on a guided tour on Sabino Canyon.  It was beautiful!

There was also so much water there!

There was an orange/citron/something tree outside our hotel room at the Hilton Doubletree.

The last night we were in Tucson there was a horrible lightning storm, with torrential rains that leaked in through the caulking in the window in our hotel room.  Lightning even struck the ground multiple times near where we were – we could feel the ground shaking!

After the storm there were many oranges/citrons/somethings knocked to the ground, that Lil Tot is investigating, his brand-new Lego Batman [courtesy of my brother] in tow.

And this was what was waiting for me in the garden when I got home on Monday evening.  10 cucumbers, all at once!  Even some yellow ones!!  Yikes!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




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