Simply Spray is a non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric spray paint, available in a range of colors and easy to use.  The company sent me a 3-can kit of Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint and Simply Spray Stencil Spray Summer Love Kit to try out in a project, so I decided to take the opportunity to jazz up a boring white scarf I had.  (I’d always wanted to try an
Alexander McQueen-inspired skull scarf
!)  Here’s how to do the same…

You Need:

stencil (or, if you want to create your own stencil like I did, you need: digital image for stenciling  /  Sharpie  /  adhesive stencil film  /  cutting blade  /  cutting surface)  /  painter’s or masking tape  /  item for stenciling (mine is a plain white lightweight Summer scarf from Target)  /  Simply Spray Stencil Paint  /  old newspapers or something to protect your surface  /  paper towels

How To:

1.  To make a stencil from scratch:

  1. print out your digital images (I just found a couple I liked through a Google search)
  2. place stencil film over them
  3. trace onto film using a Sharpie
  4. cut out carefully with a sharp blade on a cutting surface.  Anything you cut out will be painted; anything not will let the material of your item show through (in this case, white).  If doing something detailed like me, make sure you leave a little bit of stencil film in-between the elements you want to stay white to keep their placement correct.

I made two stencils: one for the skulls and one for the crossbones.

2. Make sure the item you’re stenciling is washed and dry (just don’t use any fabric softener in the dryer).

3. Spread your work area with newspapers or some other surface protector.  If the item you’re stenciling is lightweight (i.e., has spaces between the fibers of the weave), I would HIGHLY recommend something that isn’t newspaper and won’t fuse itself to the item.  Also, if the item has a front and a back, place something underneath the first layer so no paint seeps through to the back.

4. Place your stencil onto your item, securing with painter’s or masking tape if it isn’t an adhesive stencil.  Cover all remaining exposed parts of your item, since this paint gets EVERYWHERE!

5. Start spraying on a paper towel or piece of newspaper, then move on to your stencils to allow the paint to get over its first “streaminess” as it comes out of the nozzle.  Fill in your stencils with a light, but even, spray, covering a few times in a circular motion.

6. Allow to dry 10 minutes and then lift up your stencil, choose a new location, and repeat.  Try not to let too much time elapse between the areas you paint as the paint can nozzle tends to glob up as the paint dries inside, resulting in streams of globby paint.

You’re done!  Allow your project to dry 24 hours before wearing or washing.

Simply Spray is available Wal-Mart, Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics stores, and online at (just to name a few).  And if you’re thinking of trying out something from the Simply Spray line, you can get more project ideas at or, or check out this video of Martha Stewart painting a scarf with the designers of Proenza Schouler.

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Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure: I received 2 Simple Spray kits to try out and use in a tutorial.  Simply Spray is providing one more kit to the winner of this giveaway (posted in another post).  I have not been compensated in any other way for this post; the opinions I expressed above are my own.  To read my Disclosure Policy, click here.

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