DIY Skull-Print Scarf with Simply Spray Stencil Spray Paint

Simply Spray is a non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric spray paint, available in a range of colors and easy to use.  The company sent me a 3-can kit of Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint and Simply Spray Stencil Spray Summer Love Kit to try out in a project, so I decided to take the opportunity to jazz up a boring white scarf I had.  (I’d always wanted to try an
Alexander McQueen-inspired skull scarf
!)  Here’s how to do the same…

You Need:

stencil (or, if you want to create your own stencil like I did, you need: digital image for stenciling  /  Sharpie  /  adhesive stencil film  /  cutting blade  /  cutting surface)  /  painter’s or masking tape  /  item for stenciling (mine is a plain white lightweight Summer scarf from Target)  /  Simply Spray Stencil Paint  /  old newspapers or something to protect your surface  /  paper towels

How To: (more…)

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