Can you believe Thanksgiving is only in a couple days??  I braved the market today to get everything I need for the holiday (I hope), but am having mini-panic attacks that I forgot something and will have to go back tomorrow – or worse – Thursday.  Since I make dinner every year for my family, it’s always DIY!
Modern Rosies has a great tutorial for adding painted pop art to any canvas shoe.  You could also use this technique for canvas totes or hats as well…I’m beginning to get excited just thinking of the possibilities!
LOVE this Burberry-Inspired Clutch by Inked and Sewn.  Sooooo chic!
Monique (aka Chictopian PetiteAvenue) posted this great article about Quality vs. Quantity, regarding fast fashion, our need to accumulate and appear “on-trend,” and the hidden costs of purchasing vast quantities of cheap items.  A very pertinent issue, especially with so much of manufacturing having moved offshore to cheap labor sources, and the current Occupy Wall Street manifesto.
If you have a lot of glitter from various craft projects lying around (guilty!), try repurposing it into your very own DIY Glitter Nail Polish!  Youtuber QueenBeauty has the video.
Use vintage-style coins and make a unique DIY Coin Ring, with the help of Cheap Chic Obsession.  Imagine stacked, with various finishes, patinas, and shapes of coins – wouldn’t that look fabulous??!
Whoa.  DIY your own pair of sexy Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps by following Instructables user Imnopeas.  Warning: requires an electric drill.  But so utterly awesome!
Have an old coat?  Check out this great list of 14 Easy Ways to Refashion a Winter Coat from Tatertots and Jello.  Just in time to breathe some more life into that ol’ closet!
Add a little bit of sparkle into your life with this tutorial for a Glitter Striped Tee from Growing Home.  A great update on the classic Breton shirt for the holidays!

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