I am soooo backlogged with DIY’s!  It’s so frustrating to walk into my office every day and see a pile of stuff that I’m just dying to finish up, but can’t spare even an extra minute to do right now.  Yes, I’m still working on the Balenciaga Cut-Out Boots.  Yes, I’m still working on the Gothic Lolita Bunny Bag.  My office is a complete mess, I can’t see my desk, and I can’t even get to my sewing table.  But I’m also dying to do a project involving the above…since they just arrived in the mail and are tempting me with their ethereal beauty.  I find jewelry projects so more satisfying since usually they can be finished fairly quickly, and enjoyed all the more rapidly.

What do you think these pretty tourmaline crystal points will end up as??  Something resembling a piece from some designer’s S/S 2012 collection? Hmmmm….

The answer soon to come!


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