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My husband (and sometime-photographer for this blog) has been having debilitating back pain for the last month, which has gotten excruciating this week.  He’s been back and forth to doctors and just had an MRI yesterday to determine the cause.  Though it’s not certain yet, he’s expected to have a herniated disc and is on heavy-duty pain meds.  He’s been almost unable to move around at all, so I’ve taken over everything to do with the house, making meals, running errands, and taking our son to school, as well as taking care of him.  Between that and classes for my school starting this week, it’s been near impossible to keep up with posting/commenting etc, let alone DIY’ing.  Hopefully he’ll get a certain diagnosis this week and start some sort of rehabilitation soon.

I’ll get back to tutorials and blogging etc. as I can.  Thanks for being patient!



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