Gray dress with gold dome studs: handmade by me.  Gold “LUCKY STAR” Earrings: bought in Japan.  Gold Hammered Knuckle Ring & OTK Vinyl Platform Boots: Forever 21.  Diamond Wedding Ring: Vintage.  Hair: Priscilla Clip-In Mecha Raku Ekusute Wig.  (BTW, Rakuten is now shipping to the US!!)

Finally caught up!  (Should I think up exciting titles for these outfits besides “Day 3”???)

Today is Day 3 of my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 3.

And here is the secret to my dress that I mentioned earlier!

I’m wearing the same dress as yesterday – EXCEPT it’s on inside-out and backwards.

Is that allowed? you may ask.  Of course it’s allowed!  It’s completely a different dress!

I know the dress is hard to see, but…

I first saw this studded t-shirt dress on an episode of “Gossip Girl” awhile back – Serena wore it to a party.

I LOVED it.  But given that I was already planning on making my Risto Bimbiloski-style dress, I didn’t want or need yet ANOTHER t-shirt dress.

So I made this entire piece reversible, unzippable, and wearable back-to-front.  It’s like a 6-in-1 dress!! The gray side of this dress is a viscose-blend woven.  It’s silky-soft and luxurious.

The studs are a little uncomfortable when sitting, though!

Who remembers White Trash Charms?  They were especially popular in ’02 or so, and I bought a pair of knockoff earrings in Japan.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn them, though.  I even have a matching necklace!  (I wonder if the thriving knockoff business was what drove them OUT of business??  Shall have to investigate further…)

So the question is…

These over-the-knee boots I bought at Forever 21 – amazingly, size 9 fits perfectly on me (I’m a size 7.5 – what’s up with that??).  I’ve been wanting vinyl-look super-thigh-high platform boots since I saw Taylor Jacobson’s Louboutins on Rachel Zoe last season.  And finally Forever 21 came out with their version (that I Tweeted about the day I bought)!!  They’re super-sexy and totally appeal to the Pretty Woman-esque lady-of-the-night in me…I guess;-)  – LOVE.

My dog: Pudding.  She terrorized our cat Muffin until the poor thing ran away last June.  She has not come back.:-(

Pudding constantly gets stuff stuck to her face because of her whiskers.  She has a bit of moss stuck on her because she’s been snuffling in the yard.  Hub thinks she looks like an Ewok.

She’ll lick practically anything!!


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