Arbitrarily I have decided to make this week all about rings here on my site. One-fingered, two-fingered, sterling, precious metal, gemstones, faux, real, what-have-you – it’s all about finger-adornment!

If you have any questions about rings: how to organize them, how to clean them, and (best of all, IMHO) how to make them…either leave your questions in the comments or shoot them to me via the Ask me anything box in my right sidebar. —–>  I’ll be getting to them all week long, so send them my way!

So first things first, here are some books to learn from and be inspired by:

1000 Rings: Inspiring Adornments for the Hand

I love this book!  This is the perfect coffee table/inspiration book for anyone who loves rings.


30-Minute Rings: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers

This is another one of my faves: beautiful photography and inspiring projects featuring a variety of techniques.

Make Your Own Rings: Easy ring projects to do at home

Another technique and tutorial book; this one also includes tutorials for rings made of Precious Metal Clay (PMC; similar to Art Clay Silver), which is a material people familiar with PolyClay can learn to use quite easily.

The Rings Book (Jewellery Handbooks)

Jinks McGrath, a well-known name in metalsmithing, has written this book which details ring-making for bench jewelers. Though this is certainly not for the hobbyist or beginner, the principles and techniques covered in this book are for fine jewelry and will familiarize anyone with how to properly create a durable piece of jewelry and work of art.

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition)

Sorry, but we’re talking long-haired elves in tights.  I figured a list about rings would not be complete without the One Ring, hmmmm?  (Plus, the extended editions add almost an hour of cut footage to the movies -hence, more elves in tights.  All the more reason!;-P)

And to get further in the mood, here are a two DIY Ring Tutorials I’ve shared here on the blog:

Spiked Crystal Ring

DIY Rhinestone Panja


Well, I’ll just have to remedy that!


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