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How many of you watched the Academy Awards last night?  Sadly, I missed it, but was able to catch up this morning on all the coverage courtesy of the vastness that is the Internet.  Now, DIY is not usually an option when it comes to glamourous, $10,000+ formal gowns and diamond jewelry…but finding similar pieces at an affordable pricepoint definitely is.  Here are some get-the-look-for-less  jewelry pieces, straight off the Red Carpet:

Blingy Cocktail Rings

Bold Peridot ring ($55); Square champagne cocktail ring ($50); Elephant statement ring ($45)

Sparkly Wrist-Adornment

Rhinestone stretch bracelet ($48); Crystal stone bracelet with magnetic closure ($32); Filigree hinged cuff ($38)


Lovely Necklaces

Crystal rock necklace ($58); Enameled CZ Handbag Pendant ($28)

Other Finishing Touches

Luminosity chandelier earrings ($34); Crystal brooches ($24 each)

Did any of you have an Oscars viewing party?  I need to find me some local fashion-savvy girlfriends to do just that!;-)



Original photos courtesy of Ann Magnin, Inc.  Photo arrays by me.

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