(Twenty8Twelve dress, scrap of fabric worn as a shawl, AnotherFeather bullet/quartz necklace, unknown belt, Spiral Girl tulle skirt, Old Navy sandals, Ruche blue bangle, unknown wood bangles, Third Willow Clara Metropolitan clutch)

I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for awhile; I won the beautiful Third Willow clutch last month in a contest sponsored by one of my fave fashion blogs, FashionGrail. (I am in love with their Celebrity Copycat feature, where every week they find a lookalike to a celeb’s outfit – the whole thing! So inspiring – and compelling me to shop!)

The clutch is made from turquoise denim with a cognac croco-embossed leather ruffle to it…I pair it with stuff so that it’s purposely mismatched, but for this outfit, I decided to build it around the clutch.

dress,third willow,clutch

I’m going to a party for a friend of mine who just landed this big job she’s been after for awhile. Kudos to her, especially in this economy! Woohoo!

So the dress is a little too big for me on the top…I was going to make this silky vest to go over it from this scrap of tie-dyed raw silk I’ve had laying around for ages…5 years to be exact. When I made my wedding dress I dyed some of the silk a light robin’s egg blue to make a ruched bustier, and this particular scrap ended up a mottled turquoise… not the look I was going for. I kept it trying to figure out what to do with it, and then I thought to make a vest to go with the clutch, then realized I didn’t have enough to make a back in the style I wanted, so just stuffed it down the front of the dress to give me more up top and add visual interest. Very Pride & Prejudice of me, I suppose.


I’ve been dying for a crystal bullet necklace from Unearthen Jewelry for so long (gorge website btw), but at $360+ a necklace it was unattainable. And then I found AnotherFeather on Etsy and snapped up this fabulous speckled quartz bullet pendant for only $38. (The quartz has a bluish tint and little flecks in it…it’s out of this world.) Every penny well-spent!

Sorry for the hideous lighting – just trying something different – shooting inside since it’s about 1000 degrees outside here in Portland now. Trying out the wide angle lens. Methinks I should stay away from this since this was an extremely unflattering angle. Pucker filter, you are a godsend.

third willow,clutch
Pretty, pretty clutch.
Thank you FashionGrail and ThirdWillow!

-Carly J. Cais


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