Irregular Gold Bezel Rhinestone Earrings: maygloba

Neon cord wrapped chain link necklace: DIY

Rings: various

Black Slap Watch: not sure (similar here

Neon Long-Sleeve Rib Knit Top: Forever 21

High-Waist Midi-length Pencil Skirt: Newport-News

Molly Sandals in Seaweed: 80%20

What I wore to my internship the other day.: fashionable and trendy meets Summer officewear.  (sorta.)

Lately I’m loving mixing neons together with neutrals…and bright yellow is my new favorite color.1  (As evidenced by my recent DIY here.)   It looks awesome paired with black, white, beige, or grey!  For this outfit I went for a more demure look on the bottom to offset the trendiness of the shirt: a long pencil skirt that has been sitting in my closet forever…maybe 8 years or so ?  It still has the tag on it!  So when I put it on, I was surprised to find it wasn’t knee-length as I remembered it being…it was a much-longer midi length, which I found I liked much better!;-)

I actually haven’t written a step-by-step DIY for this neon cord necklace…because it’s a knockoff of a Bex Rox necklace from awhile ago, and I felt that it wasn’t appropriate to make public how to copy the work of an up-and-coming designer (which can negatively impact sales as everyone knows).  But of course if you want to make something similar it’s merely a question of studying photographs and weaving the cord around the chain links to secure them together.  My version doesn’t sit flat on the body, though – whereas the Bex Rox one does; it sits flat on the chest like a choker.  I think both versions work!

These 80%20 sandals from Gilt just arrived at my door and they’re my new go-to Summer sandal!  They remind me of placing paper bags around my feet…a strange concept but there it is.  I know they don’t quite match the top…but why not?  Clashing is the new matching, folks!;-)

Hope everyone’s having a great week!  TGIF, right?!



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